Entrepreneurs are creative business people who love the challenge of developing a new product or service. One must think outside the box, dream big and mix innovation with the ability to put ideas into a sustainable business plan.

There are four elements that support
the success of an entrepreneur

Technical expertise

entrepreneurial knowledge

financial assistance and

mentoring support

Apply for a loan and connect with a volunteer mentor to help you guide on your path or help to solve business challenges via YouLead’s entrepreneurial platform.

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Mentoring platform

Through an innovative mentoring platform (forthcoming), prospective entrepreneurs (mentees) are connected with experienced mentors from different industries.Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder) was mentored by Steve Jobs (Apple founder). That is how important mentoring is. Do you know that mentoring is one element of entrepreneurship?

Access to Finance

Submit your business ideas, apply for a loan and connect with potential investors and financial institutions.

Market information

You can now explore market information, find tools to build your own business