YouLead aims to be a collaborative and youth-driven movement. We strive to empower young people to strike out on their own and build the pathways to success that are right for them—and right for Sri Lanka. Nowhere is this more important than how it impacts our jobs and careers. The world is changing rapidly and so too is Sri Lanka’s role in the global economy. Most of the jobs of the future have not yet been invented. In this environment, we cannot be complacent. We cannot simply trudge down the same old paths taken by generations before us. We must explore the wealth of options available—many completely new. We must build the skills that are right for each of us. We must create our own pathways, if that’s the best option. We must think for ourselves.

This portal,, is a tool for all Sri Lankans who are ready to take up the challenge to find the career and job that is right for them. It is a tool for those who want to build their skills and for those who want to build their own businesses. is here to inform, inspire and involve you in the development of your own future. Here you will find tools to determine which careers best suit your psychological profile and interests; and tools to help you choose a course of study to pursue that career. Here you will find online courses to improve your skills; a platform to match you to right job once you’ve built those skills; and tools like resumé builders and interview planners to land the job that’s right for you. Here you will find tools to build your own business, get a start-up loan, and find a mentor to help your enterprise succeed.

Headstart is making this happen through We are an educational technology company, social enterprise and the largest eLearning ecosystem in Sri Lanka. We are dedicated to empowering youth and helping every Sri Lankan build the skills…or the business…they need to succeed. A lot of the content you find here is developed or supported by us, but is not our portal. We built this portal to be Sri Lanka’s go-to site for all things related to career development, jobs matching, skills development and entrepreneurship. is emphatically open source. We know that we can’t possibly have all the answers ourselves. We know that there are a lot of smart people and smart organizations also working to build Sri Lanka’s youth for the future. So, with, we are striving to collect in one place everything a young person in Sri Lanka might need to pick a career, build their skills, find a job or start their own business. If you or your organization has something that might be useful, please contact us and let us know. Free access is always preferred, but we are also open to providing links to excellent paid content and materials too.

What we do:

  • Educate youth about vocational skills demanded by the market
  • Partner with the public and private sector to take leadership in creating a world-class workforce.
  • Develop better curricular for better vocational education
  • Giving youth skills to become entrepreneurs
  • Enable more women to enter the workforce

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