Lessons Failure Teaches You – Part III


8. Failure Tests to See If You Really Want It




You’re not entitled to anything!

“This life you keep dreaming about in your mind, you’re not yet worthy of it.”

Here’s the truth: not everybody can be successful, because success is very hard to achieve, it requires so much effort and sacrifice that almost all people out there would rather settle for less, because the price is too high to pay.

But there needs to be a reward for those who do push themselves and make it! That’s how you show the world you truly deserve it!

Every failure is just another pothole in the road that you have to overcome!


9. Failure Forces You to Get Creative




Here’s a valuable secret in life: creativity comes from the lack of resources. When you have everything at your disposal, you want to play it safe, because that’s probably your best option.

“When you don’t have much, CREATIVITY IS YOUR ONLY OPTION!”

…and that’s what failure does. It forces you to dig within yourself and pull out every drop of creative juice that will somehow get you going again. That’s why artists who are in pain make the best music, paint the best paintings and deliver their best work.



10. Failure Teaches That Life Goes on despite It




For some reason we have this idea stuck in our subconscious that one failure is eternal. That we’ll be labeled as such for our entire lives, but it’s wrong. May be you did fail, it happened. The next morning when you wake up, guess what the world kept on spinning.

The world doesn’t care about you the way you think it does!


Nobody cares about you the way YOU do!

It’s all in your mind, it’s all in your immediate reality. Let the world move on, regroup and then move with it. That’s why having a strong mindset is so damn valuable, it allows you not to be crushed by our own expectations.


11. Failure Brings out the Truth in Those around You




Failure comes with a lot of unique benefits that you couldn’t enjoy otherwise. One of them is the option to sample how people around you really feel.

In times of success you don’t get to see their true faces, because they’re all yes-men, trying to get as much from you as possible, it’s only when things go south that you get to see who’s willing to be next to you for the long run, who you can rely on and who has your back.

Pay attention!


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