Lessons Failure Teaches You – Part IV


12. Failure Teaches You to Self-Motivate




With a failure on your belt, you’re left only with yourself. You have to get yourself going once again and never underestimate just how powerful the ability to self-motivate is.

It’s the one thing that can make or break an individual. It’s a lot harder than you think and we have a massive amount of respect for everyone who’s been able to consistently perform well, because it takes so much strength to keep pushing yourself like this even when you don’t feel like it.

Once you know how your mind works and are able to push your own buttons, you become unstoppable!


13. There Are Things You Can’t Control




Sometimes you failed because you weren’t prepared enough, sometimes you failed because you didn’t understand that there are things you can’t control.

Very much like a beginner surfer, the waves will keep pushing you off the board, but once you learn this lesson and no longer fight the waves, you can slowly begin to understand their rhythm, their strength and eventually you’ll be able to ride them.

An even better metaphor for this is the one with the sailboat.

You might not be able to control the wind, but you can always adjust the sail!


14. Failure Always Comes before Success




There is the option of winning without ever facing failure, but it implies winning small. If you want to win big, there’s always the possibility of failure on the table, that’s how the rules are set up.

The higher the climb, the better the view, but the longer the fall!

The thing is, one failure never stopped any successful person from achieving their goals eventually, so take this moment to think about your own situation and if you’re willing to move beyond this failure or not.


15. Failure Is Final Only If You Quit Definitely




The last point on this list, we believe ties them all together.

Failure is final only if you don’t -or can’t- try again!

That’s when REAL failure happens. When all that time, all those resources, go to waste. We promised we’ll keep it honest with you. You don’t want to fail, failure should never be an objective. You can only fail so many times, before you either run out of time or resources.

You want to be strategic with your tries in order to minimize the number of failures you experience in life so that you can afford to try again. Failure happens and if it does, everything in this article will serve you well, but we hope most of you will only have a brush with it on your way to success!

Which brings to the question of the day: Did you manage to overcome a personal failure? What did it feel like?

This is one of those questions where your answers can really add value to the community, become there’s definitely someone out-there going through exactly what you’ve been through who needs to hear your advice. You’re like a mentor to them and don’t even know it yet!



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