Moments You Experience When You’re RICH – Part II


6. You No Longer Look At The Price In Menus


Moments You Experience When You Rich - 06


We grew up poor and this has always been an issue on the once a year occasion when we used to go out. There were entire pages in menus we would never look at. Now, the reality is quite different. Duck? Sure! Lobster? Yes please! Matter of fact, tasting menus with 5 to 8 different kinds of food have become a Go-To when it comes to testing a new cuisine or restaurant. And of course you choose to pair each dish with a different drink for a greater overall experience.

The last thing, when the bill comes you just hand over the credit card, no arguing and pulling out the calculator of who had what and who had an extra piece of desert…


7. A Quick Get-Away Can Be On The Other Side On The World


Moments You Experience When You Rich - 07


What do you do when the weather is bad in your city during the weekend? Most people grab their comfy hoodie and chill in bed binging Netflix and ordering in.


Here’s a snippet of a conversation we overhear at lunch:

“There’s nothing happening this weekend and the weather is disgusting, wondering what Spain is like, or maybe Portugal!” by the time the desert came, they had already bought the tickets and we’re booking an airbnb.


8. People In Hotels Put Up a Family Photo In Your Room


Moments You Experience When You Rich - 08


This is one of those things you experience if you frequent 5 star hotels. When you book a room, they do research into who you are, what you like and what your preferences are.

They do it so your experience is quite custom. It’s not often that your room is already prepared for you with personal touches, like a frame with your family, your favorite bottle of wine or a particular desert you mentioned you loved last time you visited.


9. People In Restaurants Address You By Your Name


Moments You Experience When You Rich - 09


The same thing happens in the restaurant. If it’s one of the high end places, both the chef and the waiters will be informed of your arrival and will make sure to welcome you by name.

They also print your name on the menu with their recommendations based on what they think you will enjoy most.


10. You Pay Ridiculous Amounts Of Money For Education


Moments You Experience When You Rich - 10


A decent life coach charges around 1000 dollars per session and requires you to book multiple ones. Just to give you an example, for an 18 session package with a Tony Robbins accredited coach, not with tony himself, be ready to part with 15.000 dollars.

Rich people pay ridiculous amounts of money every time they try to acquire a new skill or seek some guidance. You might think that it costs that much because they get access to the best of the best, but that is rarely the case. This business runs on recommendations and some coaches choose to focus exclusively on the wealthy.

“Even for an introductory meeting and session you would still be billed hundreds of dollars.”


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