Moments You Experience When You’re RICH – Part III


11. You Travel To a Different Country Because You Crave a Particular Food


Moments You Experience When You Rich - 11


I know this sounds crazy, especially since these days you can find almost every kind of food everywhere, but there’s something to eating paella in Barcelona, an Italian meal at Osteria Francescana in Modena, a steak at Don Julio in Argentina, waffles in Brussels or sushi at Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo Japan-.. For some people, it’s enough to justify a quick trip.


“It’s no longer food, it’s more of a culinary experience!”


12. Groceries, Cleaning or Bills Get Taken Care of


Moments You Experience When You Rich - 12


Imagine never having to bother with these again. Your fridge is constantly full with fresh produce, home is constantly sparkling clean and all your bills get automatically taken care of… You don’t even know how much you pay for utilities per month…

It’s always a shock for rich people when they lose everything and have to go back to living normal lives, just how expensive it is to keep things running for a normal household, but let’s not bring that negative energy into our zone ok?


13. Other People Plan, Pack and Organize Your Life for You


Moments You Experience When You Rich - 13


This is one of those things where rich people buy time, by delegating others to do the work for them. Unless you did it yourself, you have no idea just how crazy it is to plan a wedding, how much work goes into fully designing a house or planning a detailed trip.

They have people who take care of the boring things for them and although there’s always the possibility of going off the beaten path, the advisor is almost always right.


14. You Have One Person Who Takes Care of Your Problems


Moments You Experience When You Rich - 14


This is usually the family lawyer or head of security; someone from your inner circle. It’s the person you call when you screwed up. There are many situations where people want to take advantage of the privileged position you find yourself in for personal gain or profit.

If it’s a legal matter, the lawyers make sure the situation is clear and you can walk away with the minimum legal penalty while in cases of blackmail or scandals it’s usually more of a grey area.


15. You Will Be Misrepresented By the Media for Clicks


Moments You Experience When You Rich - 15


There’s nothing like seeing your face in the paper – or for those of us not living in the 19th century – on a gossipy-site, with your words taken out of context with a crazy click-bait title.

This happens ALL THE TIME! News has devolved into only headlines and publications are struggling to keep their businesses alive with more and more people getting their news directly from other people via social networks. So they resort to scandal, to controversy, to downright lying and then apologizing for not looking into the situation further before breaking the story.

Some of these are not exclusive to the super rich, so we’re curious: What is the craziest rich person moment you’ve ever lived? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to show some love to the most interesting of stories!

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