Signs You Should Drop Out – Part I


If you’re having either one of these Signs, You Should Consider Dropping Out!


Hello! We know you’ve been waiting for this article for a while. Time has come to deliver on this promise. Many of you have reached out in the past with different versions of the same question:

Hi YouLead, my name is So-and-So, I am a student in year -whatever- and I’m considering dropping out. Do you think it’s a good idea?

First of all, this is something only you can decide, because you’re the one who’s going to live with the consequences of this decision. That said, we still wanted to give you this article to check against your own reality and figure out if dropping out is the right move for you. These will be the most valuable 20 minutes or so for your next 10 to 20 years. So pay attention, you’re here voluntarily after all.

Yes, many successful people have dropped out to pursue their entrepreneurial careers, but they didn’t do so because they thought school was too hard… they were more or less forced to do so because their new companies demanded it.

Just keep in mind that Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard, not out of gender studies. With that said, here are the Signs you should drop out!


1. You Chose The Wrong Career




For some reason you chose a vertical that’s not for you. You probably listened to a third party who pushed you to follow this path and now that you’re in it, your entire world comes crashing in, because you don’t see yourself doing this for the rest of your life.

Before you drop out, figure out if there are any ways for you to pivot without losing your existing credits or starting over. In this due diligence, people usually find that a fitting career path is right next to what you’re already doing and in reality there was only 1 or 2 things you didn’t like about what you were already studying.

If there isn’t and you feel like you screwed up massively, cut your losses short and start over.


2. You’re Uninspired In The Classroom





We get it. Some teachers can be a pain in the backyard, but this doesn’t mean you have to immediately drop out. If you’re as smart as you think you are, you’ll be able to differentiate between the lack of passion a teacher has and how exciting your field of study actually is.

If none of these applies only then you should take into consideration the idea of dropping out. Before you do, figure out if this inspiration you’re looking for exists in other universities or if you’re just throwing a tantrum for nothing.


3. You Feel Like You’re Wasting Time




Here’s the truth with this one: as a student, you’re already wasting the majority of your time, so this shouldn’t be an excuse for dropping out. It is only when the hours you spend in the classroom could make a real difference in your pursuit of success that making this trade would be worth it.

Personally for us, high school was a big time waster, because very few things we were thought to us had any correlation to the real world. But it’s in the same environment where we made multiple friends who would eventually become business partners because we got the chance to interact in that environment and did our own thing on the side.

Same thing happened during university, when we saw no value to a class we would be out at events networking and learning from people.

The point is, you can do both if you’re smart.


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