Signs You Should Drop Out – Part IV


12. By The Time You Finish Your Future Job Will Be Automated




We mentioned UiPath earlier and for good reason. These guys are building the future of entry level white collar jobs. Everything that’s repetitive in nature will be automated in the next 10 years. Yes, there will still be employees in place to deal with the situations where robots don’t exactly know what to do, but it the numbers will speak for themselves.

Only 1 in 100 people will remain employed and their job will be to make sure the robots get everything done right.


13. What You Learn Doesn’t Seem to Translate Into The Real World




This happens a lot with technical majors in developing countries. Because you don’t have access to modern technology, you’re so far behind what the marketplace is doing that you have no way of competing in this market.

Yes folks, we are entering a new age of technological discrimination, very much in the same way that not being able to speak English today is seen as a major handicap. Teachers are so scared of change that they chain themselves to the same outdated curriculum that they were though and it shows. You’re left with entire generations uninspired by failed professors who care more about their tutelage than the real success of their students.


14. Your Major is Thing




We feel like a trigger warning should be in place for this point, but you knew what you were getting into when you clicked on this article!


You need to hear this:


…and that’s a fact.

Yes, you are entitled to having your own opinion on this, but the marketplace decides what’s worth what, and you.. Julien.. With an H.., with your major in liberal arts and a minor in Latin, don’t get to complain that you can’t find a job that pays what you think your “talent” is worth.

Just because you have a degree, it doesn’t mean that the marketplace owes you a lifetime of financial rewards and accolades. Here’s a list of the top 20 paying skills and how much they earn. If you want to earn that kind of money right out the gate, you best find a workplace where you can deliver the same kind of value these guys do. It’s not too late to change careers though you could always drop out.


15. You’re Willing to Live With The Outcome




The last sign we wanted to touch on, on this list, has to do with a definitive choice you have to make. If you decide to drop out, and you’re old enough to decide for yourself, you have to be able to live with the outcome. Give it a real shot before you call it quits and be strategic about it.

If you’re already putting things in place for you to hit the ground running once you drop out, you have a higher chance of success afterwards. Our personal opinion is that if you decide to pursue a traditional career, you should at least put in the effort and finishing the class you’re in and then adjust course after graduation. High school isn’t as hard as real life is and we encourage everyone to at least stick it out through it.

After high school, you decide where you want to go, but quitting earlier than that doesn’t really scream success story… Make sure to not prove every one of your haters right, by becoming a complete failure.

Always be strategic with your choices!



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